Sales Reporting

One of the most useful tools we have developed is our sales gap analysis grid to show where your gaps exist in the Canadian market so we can easily set targets on new business opportunities.

Reporting on Activity is key to success. Was a promotion worthwhile and should it be reconsidered for the next fiscal period? These questions often get overlooked and the status quo is repeated, which repeats status quo results. We break this mold and scrutinize your promotions successes to see if it can be improved upon in future periods.

All distributor sales are summarized on an easy to use grid to track progress and identify where the focus needs to shift. This is stored online so that can be accessed by all team members and is added to our weekly targets list.

Tasks and follow up can be assigned to specific team members and all open loops are exposed easily to ensure consistent service levels to our retail customers.

Reports are easily shared with interested clients who would like to see a report containing top line meeting notes by all reps at key influencer customers.

Additional Reporting

  • Distribution grids by account and by sku
  • Promotional Template by brand
  • Sales Reports by account
  • Forecasting tools to ensure you are aware of product needs months in advance
  • Spiff reporting for distributor reps
  • Wal-Mart Retailink reporting – Level 4 expertise
  • Loblaw Toolbox Solutions reporting
  • Shoppers Drug Mart “Vendorboard” reporting

Salesforce Blurb

LeBeau Excel uses Salesforces our no software solution to on-the-go reporting and CRM tool. Salesforce's online storage provides easier access to the most current information allowing reps to login wherever and whenever. Salesforce provides in-depth detail into sales reports and retailers notes resulting in a better understanding of customers needs and how to promote future growth.